Thursday Night Events at Pre-reg Pickup


Due to the popularity of pre-reg pickup on Thursday night, we are creating unique events to whet your appetite for the weekend to come! Thursday programming runs 10pm-1am and gaming will have arcades, Consoles and PC's open 9pm-Midnight!

Chopstick Derby - Think your hashi skills are up to snuff? Do your fingers move as quickly as your mind? Find out if your team can beat the rest in this series of dexterity and skill based games with chopsticks!

Group SuperFIGHT - Superfight, the epic superpowered card game, is coming to Ohayocon and we'll be battling it out with the geek and anime decks for a no-holds-barred battle royale with the audience as the judge!

AniMix Sing Along! - Sing along in this giant group karaoke to classic songs to bring back the nostalgia and new songs to get you revved up. Warm up those vocal chords and Sing!

Super Party Games - These college-style cup skill games are superpowered, super crazy, and super awesome! Pick a team and go for gold.

What the (Anime) Hell Did I Just Hear? (18+) - Just from using only your ears, could you tell the difference between a flaming taco, a milking machine, and tentacles doing what they do best? Probably not. See what the (in)famous host of Anime Hell has scraped up to assault your ears with in the premier of this brand new event!

Hentai Games Live (18+) - The internet has some weird stuff. Even weirder hentai games! Play with the host and help decide the course of the games, if you dare....

"Secret" 2D6 Grand Opening Conert - 2D6 (two dee six) is one of those experiences that you have to see to comprehend, it's truly beyond anything Ohayocon has seen before. A nerdcore group based in Cleveland is opening the weekend and opening your minds with their mad skills and madder beats. Prepare.

Open Dance - The weekend is about to start and we know some of you just can't sit still and it's time to DANCE! Featured panelists (and all around rilly cool peeps) Abracadabra will be hosting an open dance where you can bring your jams, set up your routine, and show what you got!

Duct Tape Cosplay Competition - In 15 minutes or less, your team will need to use the materials at hand (duct tape, cardboard, and fabric) to create a recognizable costume or prop. The Old Otaku will be host and judge to your creations; this is not for the weak of heart...

Winter Festival Room - The Japanese festival evokes images of luscious food stalls, chance games, fireworks, and yukata. Get a small taste of the matsuri dream in an open arts and crafts room with games, puzzles, calligraphy, origami, and more. 

Escape! Winter Blues Escape Room - Ohayocon's first escape room ties into the Superpowered theme and introduces our new character, Winter Blues! Winter Blues seeks to put an end to our happiness and stop our favorite January convention. Each team has 30 minutes to beat the clock and save Ohayocon! Escape room sign-ups happen outside the door and start as early as 9pm.