Ohayocon Cosplay Expo

Whether you want to appreciate amazing cosplay or compete yourself, our cosplay expo is not an event to be missed!

We have 3 different cosplay competition categories: Expo-Craftsmanship, Expo-Performance, and Lindsay Mascot. For 2019, our Craftsmanship and Performance categories are open to any cosplay of ANY FANDOM.

Craftsmanship Competition

Participate in the formal Cosplay Craftsmanship Competition and show off your crafting skills. Compete for the title 2019’s Best in Division or, if you are of exceptional talent, you could be named Craftsmanship’s Best in Show, winning not only fabulous prizes and awards, but free admission to a future Ohayocon!

Performance Competition

Get on stage and perform compelling skits or entertain with a musical exhibition in the Cosplay Performance Competition. Give the audience a show to remember while competing for Best in Division or Best in Show Performance!

Event Hours:

  • Rehearsal: Saturday, 4:30pm Main Events 1
  • Expo: Saturday, 6pm Main Events 1

Cosplay Lounge & Repair Room (A224 in GCCC)

This year we're debuting a no-photos-allowed, cosplay lounge for cosplayers to de-fur, un-layer, and relax at the con without having to go back to a hotel room. The staff are also providing a cosplay repair station, free for attendees to use. If something breaks, rips, or falls apart, stop by for some emergency cosfixes and get back to enjoying your weekend! The Lounge is open:

  • Friday, Noon - 10pm
  • Saturday, 9am - 10pm
  • Sunday, 9am - 3pm