International Volume (Dance)

Every Friday and Saturday night, Ohayocon hosts a dance to the beat of electronic music in all its many forms. Late night is the time for high-energy, lights, and non-stop dancing in two distinct flavors.

Friday night is Club Ohayocon which focuses on anime & gaming remixes in a club style that welcomes house, hard house, glitch hop, trance, and maybe a little future bass sprinkled on top. Good EDM with popular dance tempos. 

Saturday's International Volume (I.V.) is host to Japanese hardcore, happy hardcore, hardstyle, kawaii-pop, chiptune, and maybe a little more future bass. Faster beats, harder bass, generally considered "hardcore". Remember to stay hydrated!

Main Events 2, Regency Ballroom (Hyatt 3rd Floor)

Club Ohayocon, Friday: 10pm-2am

International Volume, Saturday: 10pm-2am