The Ohayocon Public Library & Maker Lab

The Ohayocon Public Library (OPL) is a multi-media feature room located in Knox dedicated to providing manga, comics, DVDs, artbooks, audiobooks, music, and more during the Ohayocon weekend. The OPL is free for the benefit of everyone, whether they’ve purchased admission or not, and provides a laid-back, quiet environment to catch up on an old series or fall in love with something new!

The Library is new for 2019 and we are underway building our inventory. To help source our materials, we are offering 2020 pre-reg discounts in exchange for media donated during Ohayocon weekend. Check out the library website for more information on what we're collecting.

The Maker Lab shares space with the Ohayocon Public Library as a programming track and studio designed to introduce the convention community to new technologies. The Lab is outfitted with three 3D printers that are available for use during open lab hours; an attendant is available to guide beginners. We also have laptops with 3D modeling software to experiment with, 3D pens, and circuitry crafts. On display are models made by local tech enthusiasts and hosts of some of our tech workshops. Please respect the models by not touching them!

  • Thursday: 8pm - 1am
  • Friday: Noon - 8pm
  • Saturday: Noon - 8pm
  • Sunday: 10am - 5pm