Gaming is the only Ohayocon feature open 24 hours during the weekend! Arcade cabinets, consoles, PCs, and tabletop are open 10am Friday and close 4pm Sunday. All of our gaming is Free to Play. Gaming is found in the 'Dead Presidents Hallway' on the 1st floor of the Hyatt around the corner from Room of Holding.
Console Gaming (McKinley/Hayes)
New and old consoles and their games are open for co-op and solo play! Stop by to see what games are on display for this year. Please respect other players and take turns in a respectable time.

PC Gaming (Harrison)
Far from those oldschool LAN parties, we have PC games galore ready for you in open play! We have a wide variety of genres, stop by and take a look.

Tabletop Gaming (Union A-C)
Board games, card games, dice and dreams; the tabletop room has got it all! Now in a new, bigger, quieter location you can enjoy your realm all day and night.
Tabletop Tavern 
Get your dice, your characters, and your pints! We're presenting Ohayocon's board game cash bar! Dwarfs must be at least 40, humans must be at least 21*, elves must be declared adults. Tabletop is still open to all ages while the tavern is open, but valid 21 must be presented for the bar.
Friday & Saturday, 5pm - 2 am

Arcade Cabinets (Taft A-D)
A full Japanese arcade of classic hits and new favorites provided by (the super amazing) SnowPhoenix and (new this year) Credits Remaining bringing Western and retro arcade cabinets!

Indie Gaming (Grant/Harding/Garfield)
Ohayocon 2019 is home to our second Indie Gaming Showcase! Come check out video and tabletop games from local game companies, and maybe walk away with a new favorite game! Ranging from mobile to PC to tabletop, there’s sure to be a game that appeals to you.
  • Friday: 2pm - 10pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 11pm
  • Sunday: 10am - 4pm