Welcome Campers!

Welcome to Ohayocon 2019, the year of Camp Ohayo! Gear up with your hiking shoes, fill your canteens, and pack up the necessities while exploring the natural beauty of anime. Our 19th year is ripe with new features, fresh events and the most guests in Ohayocon history. Ready campers?

There are a lot of people to thank for throwing an event that brings together a community of over 20k people from across the nation (and several countries!) but we'll make it quick. The 200+ staff and volunteers that work year round to pull it all together get the biggest shoutout but we have an avalanche of artists, vendors, guests, industry, conventions, performers, press, sponsors, the Hyatt/GCCC staff, and the City of Columbus that make this dream a reality.

Most importantly, thank you to the attendees! With your love and devotion we can look forward to using our Camp Ohayo Spirit to keep the winter blues at bay and have a great time; welcome to Ohayocon!

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