Columbus is host to great eats and good drinks, check out what's nearby!

Staying Inside

Hyatt Food Court (1st Floor) Subway, Fame's Diner, Mykonos Gyros, Chicken 'N Eggs, Donatos Pizza, Charley's Steakery, Java's Espresso Bar, Siam Express, Velvet Cafe & Ice Cream

Big Bar on 2 (Hyatt 2nd Floor)

Marketplace Cafe (Hyatt 2nd Floor)

Starbucks(Hyatt 2nd Floor)

A Short Walk

Mikey's Late Night Slice (457 N High St, across from A-Pod)

Brewcadia (467 N High St)

Bareburger (463 N High St)

Fuzzy's Taco Shop (479 N High St)

Max & Erma's (55 E Nationwide Blvd)

Flatiron Bar & Diner (129 E Nationwide Blvd)

North Market (59 Spruce St, 1 block from A-Pod) Dos Hermanos, Firdous Express, Flavors of India, Hot Chicken Takeover, Hubert's Polish Kitchen, Katzinger's, Lan Viet Market, Little Eater, Market & Boar, Momo Ghar Market, Nida's Sushi & Thai, Pastaria, Sarefino's, Taste of Belgium, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams