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“Born in Hiroshima prefecture, Mika follows a great number of live concerts all over the city of Tokyo which she continues leading steadily with passion, while expanding her activity as a musician also participating in major projects (as theme songs for Animes or TV series), she also collaborates in different type of projects, as for example as supervisor of the “Kaiseki series” (stage plays featuring also her music); and every time her shows attract more and more visitors.She comes to be highly evaluated as singer and therefore she features in some soundtrack as vocal. (Animes: Attack on Titan, Gundam UC, Guilty Crown, Ao no Exorcist, Sengoku Basara. TV Series: Team Medical Dragon 3. Movie: BOX!, Platinum Date etc.)At 32 years old she successfully holds solo live abroad, being able to carry out a European Tour every year. (Keeping as focal point Florence, in Italy, she moves to Poland, Spain etc.) The theatre performances featuring Samurai Sword Artists Kamui, being held in various countries, constantly receive standing ovations from the full houses. She also participates as guest in Kamui solo performance, as in the one hold at “Blue Note”, a famous Jazz Palace of Poland.

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Born in Washington D.C., U.S.A., this 100% American is one of few prominent foreign artists signed to a major Japanese record label. Full of cute charm and an insatiable interest for all things Japan, Diana was heavily influenced by her anime-loving father, and was immersed into anime culture at a young age. Her interest became life-changing when she first heard “Yuzurenai Negai” by Naomi Tamura, which inspired her life goal to become a singer in Japan.On her third trip to Japan, she began to work as a middle-school English teacher, when a life-changing opportunity arose for Diana – in 2013, she took part in a nationwide karaoke TV show for foreigners, called “Nodojiman! THE WORLD 2013 Spring” on NTV, and was crowned the winner, also securing a major label debut at the same time.After releasing cover works for her first single and mini-album, Diana’s first original single, ?Spinning World?was chosen as the ending theme song for the mega-hit anime, <Naruto: Shippuden>, making her thefirst female solo foreign artist to sing an anime theme song.Since then, she has also featured in FLOW’s best album as a guest vocalist, and was also tapped as one of the “likely breakout stars of 2015” in Yahoo! Japan’s Video Topic Awards.Her 2nd original single, ?Nankai! Mystery? was chosen as the theme song for the NHK E-TV anime <Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note>, which will air from October 2015 to March 2016, further elevating her status among anime and mass audiences alike.

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Caleb Hyles is a dynamic entertainer and YouTube cover artist, singing a bit of everything; from top 40 and hard rock to Broadway and anime. You can find all sorts of covers on his YouTube channel, which is going 850,000+ subscribers strong! Be part of the Hyles Hype Crew and join him at his concert, sing with him at a sing-along, and ask him anything at his panels! Having grown up in a theatrical family and being tossed into children’s church choir at a young age, Caleb has always loved singing. He created his cover channel back in 2009 to share his goofy personality on Rockband with friends and family, but he never expected that working on his YouTube channel would turn into his career. Since his viral cover of “Let It Go” in 2014, Caleb has been recognized by the likes of Ryan Seacrest, Tyler Oakley, and DeeDee Magno Hall, along with many others in the entertainment industry.Fast forward to the present and Caleb hasn’t stopped entertaining friends and family, and is grateful to now have been performing across the continent for several years now. Since 2017, he has started a Twitch channel, “Peace Love and Gaming,” sharing his passion for video-games, that he has also fostered from a young age. No matter the entertainment platform, Caleb is ready and excited to make people worldwide smile and join in on his fun.

Lapix is one of the fastest rising talent in the Japanese music game scene. He first discovered music through playing the electric organ when he was seven years old. Equipped with two sets of keyboards and a set of foot keyboards, the electric organ has taught him many aspects of music. He got his hands on his first synthesizer when he was a teenager and has been producing music of many styles. He is known for producing a wide range of genres including HiTech Psytrance, Fullon, HARDCORE, and J-pop. The quality of his tracks, and his signature HiTech style quickly made him a key player in the music game scene. Lapix has been aggressively releasing music primarily through the MEGAREX label, and has also released an album from EXIT TUNES. His music has been featured on various music games including beatmania IIDX, Sound Voltex, jubeat (jukebeat), and DANCERUSH STARDOM.

Although he may share his name with some of the worst kind of pizza out there, fortunately this does not reflect on this DJ’s skills in any way. Hailing from the metro Detroit area DJ School Pizza started DJing in early 2017. His career started after being heavily inspired by seeing Japanese music producer Kosuke Saito (Kors K) perform in a hot and sweaty basement in Roseville, Michigan. This DJ is hot and ready with genres such as Japanese Hardcore, UK Hardcore, and Hard Dance; and draws inspiration from other artists such as DJ Noriken, Getty, and t+pazolite. Through his performances he hopes to spread the sounds of the Japanese Hardcore scene so that other people can love it just as much as he does.

Hailing from the far desolate regions known as Corn, sorry I mean Ohio, BetaMonkey has been an EDM junkie long before he became otaku trash. Starting in the early 2000’s as a struggling student DJ at the local college radio, BetaMonkey has worked his way into nerd culture DJing ranging from small local pup gigs to conventions like Matsuricon, FWA and Youmacon. Now a stage dancer as well as DJ he had found himself surrounded by raving nerds calling for the beat of the drum. From Funk and House to Tribal and Trap if you’re ready for a wild night BetaMonkey will deliver across all the genres for your dancing pleasure.

DJ. The cute one. ???. ??????. Known for yeet hax and weeb tracks with a heavy dose of videogame edm for your bouncing pleasure.”

Since 2010, Descent has proven to be one of the most dedicated DJs to emerge from the convention dance scene. Having found a home in Trance and Progressive, his sets aim to make you dance, love, and most importantly feel the moment. He aims to bring a worldwide sound that goes beyond typical electronic music. Over the past 9 years, he has performed throughout the Midwest and East Coast, as well as hosting various club nights dedicated to fandoms, and hosting a radio show for Krafty Radio, one of the largest online broadcasters of Hard Dance music.

“Too cool for a bio.”

Marson Bio: Marson is easily one of the top 35-40 Midwestern Anime Convention DJ’s based out of Ohio, and his performances are guaranteed to reflect this fact. His powerful music, unique blend of genre-defying mixes, and charisma with every crowd he encounters, have earned him critical acclaim, ranging from “I mean, he’s not awful.” to “I’m getting paid for this interview, right? I think I need to call my agent” Marson is back, to bring you even more sick beats and awkward background music while you stand in the back of the room and kind of bob your head up and down a little bit.

Kenzie Black is an American multi-genre music producer, international open-format DJ, & Yami Kawaii fashion enthusiast. Inspired by Yami Kawaii, she mixes dark & cute bass music beats with video game and anime remixes. Her songs, videos, and tracks always have the message “We Rise Together” in support of animal welfare activism, and other social movements she cares about, and this implies that people from any culture can come together as a community, and encourage each other in darkness and in light, towards a meaningful cause we believe in collectively.