Ohayocon is pleased to offer attendees the opportunity to meet the guests and get autographs.

Our signing room will offer several sessions daily. Please refer to the posted and printed schedules to see when your favorites will be appearing.

RULES · Please listen to all instructions from staff and security. Posted rules are subject to change as necessary.

  • Line up outside the signing room will begin 30 minutes before the scheduled signing start time. No line ups will be allowed before that time.
  • The doors to the room will open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. At that time you will be allowed to enter the room. We will be seating by rows (yes, you get to sit, not stand in line!) filling every seat.
  • You may not hold seats for people.
  • 15 minutes after the scheduled start time or when the room is full the doors will be closed and no one else will be admitted. If you need to contact someone in the signing room, please give a name and description to the staff/ security person at the door and they will attempt to locate the person for you.
  • If you need to leave the room (to use the restroom, meet family, etc.) you will be issued a pass. Without the pass you will not be permitted back into the room until the session is over- NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • We will send one row at a time through the line.
  • You may request up to two (2) autographs/ pieces and one (1) photo (guests permitting) per guest. If you have a camera, please hand it to the staffer/ associate controlling the line and give them a few brief instructions on its use. This will help keep the line moving and allow as many attendees as possible to visit with our guests.
  • After you have been through the line please gather your belongings and exit the room as a courtesy to those still waiting. There is sufficient hall space to allow groups to reconnect out there.

Above all, please be respectful of our guests and of your fellow attendees. Let’s make Ohayocon fun for everyone.