Ever wonder what it takes to be a voice actor? Turn your Ohayocon convention weekend into a fully interactive voice actor experience. Bill Rogers and Greg Houser will be on hand for three specially designed workshops which will give you an inside look at the voice acting industry.

Each day of the Ohayocon weekend handles a new topic, and includes the following:


Friday   7-9pm: Audition workshop. Enjoy an authentic recreation of an animation audition. Watch actors perform sides in order to “land the role”.


Saturday   1-3pm: Scene study workshop. Actors that have made it past the audition phase will be given a scene to read with a partner, and will then be coached by industry professionals on ways to improve their performance.


Sunday   12-2pm: ADR workshop. The big show. Go inside a recreation of a dubbing session with a director and engineer as you watch our finalists create a vocal performance to be added to a piece of animation.