What is Artist Alley?

Artist Alley is a place for independent artists to gather, meet with fans, make art, and sell their works. Here you can find fun things like comics, posters, prints, buttons, plushies, hats, jewelry, and books! Each artist brings something unique to the table, so be sure to check ‘em all out — maybe you’ll find a new favorite! Artist Alley is located directly above the Dealers’ Room in Battelle Hall. Take the escalator in the Grand Mezzanine from the Dealers’ Room up to the next floor. You can't miss it!

Why no fan art?

While you won’t find pre­made fanart of licensed characters in the Ohayocon artist alley, you can commission any of the talented artists gathered here to recreate your favorite characters at any time. Ohayocon enforces this “No mass­produced fanart” policy as an attempt to help support the industry and its creators. Anime and manga are both precious things, so please help us support the people who make them!

 Artist Alley Rules:

  • No Photography! Unless you’re given explicit permission from the artist whose work you want a picture of, you should keep your cameras pointed away from the goods.
  • Be careful with food and drink! Please remember that food and drink can easily ruin the products of the artists! Almost every artist present at Ohayocon is a small business owner, so losing any stock at all can be devastating.
  • Be courteous! Artists spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours honing their skills and preparing for events where they can show off and sell their work! Please don’t openly insult a piece that isn’t to your taste or try to haggle down prices in the Artist Alley. Respect the artists and their efforts.
  • Do not go behind booths! The space behind the booths are for artists and their assistants only!
  • Please don’t try to squeeze between booths to take pictures of the Dealers’ Room below or set up camp behind an artist’s work space. Remember, never lean on the glass wall overlooking the dealer’s room! We have no idea how sturdy that thing is and we never, ever want to find out its breaking point.
  • Make new friends, see new things, and leave with a whole bunch of stuff you never intended to buy in the first place! Have fun!