Strut your stuff in the 2016 Ohayocon Cosplay Expo! We have five official competition categories: craftsmanship, performance, the Ohayocon Mascot (Lindsay), best science­themed costume, and best original design. In addition, judges circulating the hallways may give out informal award ribbons on the spot if something notable catches their eye. The Expo will start at 7 p.m. on Saturday in Battelle A.

To participate in this Ohayocon tradition, make sure to register in Room A102 behind Subway as soon as possible. Spots are first come, first served! You don't have to register to win the hallway ribbons, but you you should consider joining an official category if you do get one!

All Craftsmanship or Performance category costumes competing in the Expo must be based on Asian animation, manga, Asian­origin video games, Asian music artists, Asian live­action films, Asian street fashion, or East Asian mythology. Refer to the online Cosplay Competition rules on our website ( for more details, divisions, and exceptions. Don’t forget to review the general cosplay rules located in this book and online.

You may enter one costume in any two of the five official competitions as long as it qualifies for both of them. The Ohayocon Mascot and best science­themed costume categories won’t conflict with the expo categories (Craftsmanship and Performance).

Be sure to arrive on time for your appointments. If you are late, you may be disqualified. It’s a good idea

to check in at least 10 minutes before you need to be there.

Craftsmanship Category

In the Craftsmanship category, participants are judged on the design, construction, execution, and general presentation of a costume. Craftsmanship is judged before the Expo. Entrants also have the opportunity to participate in the fashion show part of the Expo. Awards are presented at the Expo.

Expo call is 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. The doors will be locked at 5:35. After that, you may be disqualified. If you want to see the performances, come to the rehearsal at 4:30 because you may not get to see them during the show!

Performance Category

In the Performance category, participants are judged on the overall quality of an original, in­character performance. Judges will consider artistic presentation, technical skills, charisma, entertainment, and script quality. Performances are given during the Expo. Awards are presented at the end of the Expo, and you may collect your certificates at the feedback panel. An audition is required. If you perform well at the audition, you will be invited to perform at the Expo!

Participants who are not selected to perform will be offered priority seating. You may pick up a voucher atCosplay Registration from the time the list is posted until 4:30 p.m. Vouchers will not be availableelsewhere or after that time.

Performance rehearsal is at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday and is mandatory. The doors will be locked at 4:35.

After that, you may be disqualified!

Ohayocon Mascot Category

You’ve had your chance to see Nurse Lindsay, Ohayocon’s cute mascot. Now you can be Lindsay! Youmay enter this category no matter your age or skill level. Judging will happen Friday evening. The winnerwill be introduced to the large audience at the Expo and will receive convention admission and a prize, as well as the bragging rights that come with being Ohayocon’s official Nurse Lindsay Howard!

“Science!” Theme Category

In the Theme category, participants will be judged on the design, construction, execution, and general presentation of their costume based on this year’s “Science!” theme. Costumes may be an interpretation of a known character or an original design. This does not conflict with the Expo competitions (Craftsmanship and Performance categories). You may enter this category no matter your age or skill  level. Judging will happen Friday evening.