Gaming Etiquette

The Ohayocon 2016 Gaming Experiment

Want to know how to get the most out of the Ohayocon game room, help every gamer have the best time possible, and increase the possibility of making new friends? The answer is simple: By following the Ohayocon Gaming Room guidelines, of course! Here are some tips* to make your time here (and the times of others) even better!

  • Please listen to Ohayocon staffers and quiet down when they’re speaking.
  • Do not stall during a tournament match! We have a limited amount of time to work with as it is.
  • Please take your fair turns with games and don’t hog them.
  • Do not flip tables. It might be funny in comics, but it’s no fun at all to clean up in real life.
  • Don’t harass anybody.
  • Watch your language! Ohayocon is an all­ages convention. Don’t ruin anybody’s childhood!
  • Property damage isn’t cool. No punching, kicking, or head­butting walls. You will have to pay for any damage you cause.
  • Have fun!

*Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your removal from the Ohayocon Game Room or even Ohayocon itself. Always respect your fellow gamers and remember: we’re observing your every move.