Just give us your item and a password so we’ll know it’s you when you come back. Come visit us in Fairfield!

Remember, for the safety of all attendees, we don’t permit bags inside the Ohayocon dance. Need to bring something inside the dance anyway? Come to the Room of Holding to get it checked! We’ll have to look through your bag — we don’t want anyone to bring in anything that can harm others, after all — but after that, we can give it the OK to go in! Unsure of what else you can’t bring into the dance? Here’s a handy list!

● Masks

● Hand­held items (excluding dance­related items, like hoola hoops or glow sticks)

● Bags


● Mascot heads

● Food or drinks

● Coats or jackets

● Strollers

Of course, we’ll hold any of these things for you. Don’t forget to drop them off before you dance away!