Info Moogles

Info Moogles are your at­con resource for all of your Ohayocon information needs. We're like human­shaped search engines! Want to know all of the events a specific guest will be at during the weekend? Have a dead battery on your cell phone or DS and need to find the nearest charging station? Need to figure out where to check in that buster sword and how to get there? We can help you with all that and more! Just stop by an Ohayocon Info booth or look for the staff in the blue shirts and monobopper hats. We’ll give you fast, friendly, and accurate answers!



Ohayocon’s Accessibility Services (OAS) works hard every day to help our attendees with specific needs. OAS provides accommodations, such as large print programs or American Sign Language interpreters, by request!

If you would like to use our services, please contact us before the convention with specific information about what services you need. For walk­ins, please check in with OAS as soon as possible. OAS is located near the registration area. Contact Christina Haslage at if you have any questions or concerns about Accessibility Services.


Lost and Found

Have you misplaced something during the convention? Make sure you check the Lost and Found. Ohayocon’s Lost and Found is located in Con­Ops, right across from Union E. Here’s what you’ll need to know to pick up something that’s been turned in:

● Bags and wallets will need full descriptions of their contents.

● IDs will need facial comparisons, so you’ll need to remove any masks.

● Phones and devices will need to be unlocked.

Lost and Found will be closed for a couple of hours after the dance ends to ensure a complete inventory.

All departments are asked to keep lost items in their areas and turn them in to Lost and Found on an hourly basis.