Nataliya Bezborodova

Research Assistant
University of Alberta
Participates in 1 Session
Nataliya Bezborodova is a MA student, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, Ukrainian Folklore program. She works as a Research Assistant of Kule Folklore Center and Bohdan Medwydsky Ukrainian Archive. She came to the University of Alberta from Kyiv, Ukraine. Nataliya is currently working on her thesis about Facebook’s narratives about Maidan, Ukraine. January-June 2014, she had taken part in the international research project, Contemporary Ukraine Research Forum: The Case of Euro-Maidan, In Ukraine, she helped organize and coordinate numerous conferences, exchange seminars in Humanities. Nataliya got her previous degree in Linguistics and Translation Studies in Kharkiv Karazin University, Ukraine.

Sessions in which Nataliya Bezborodova participates