Agility: The Cisco Way [Keynote]

Innovation Session
Thursday Dec 08   12:10 PM to 12:50 PM (40 minutes)

Dushyant Sukhija, Author & Keynote Speaker

We're in an era of digital disruption, As leaders, if you don't transform to master the digital era to disrupt, you'll get disrupted. Dushyant Sukhija (, author of the recently published bestseller book “The Cisco Way” ( will lay out a simple five-step operational blueprint for CEOs and business leaders to navigate their organizations through the new digital era to a leadership position. Sukhija draws upon some of the best practices and key leadership lessons covered in his book, The Cisco Way, to prepare business leaders for the same agility that catapulted Cisco into the envious position of a global leader in the digital world.

Author & Keynote Speaker