Leveraging Big Data for Enterprise Business Intelligence [gen-E]

Innovation Session
vendredi 9 déc.   10:20 AM à 11:00 AM (40 minutes)
Sabal Palm
Anand Thummalapalli, Head of Product Development​ (gen-E)

As the competition rises in the telecommunications industry, quality service is more critical than ever. Service providers require a common interface to assess their services for an optimal customer experience. Traditionally, the network operations team had to check service assurance platforms for issues and then act on it. Today’s technology innovations, companies can boost their efficiency by optimizing their services with real-time analysis and actionable insights. Companies are evolving the traditional service assurance approach and migrating to new technology and operational constructs. In this session, you’ll hear from industry veteran and gen-E CEO, Marc Hayden, regarding the need for service providers to access and correlate data across various domains to provide a greater degree of decision support.

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  • Dave Larson
    Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Corero

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