Preparing for The Internet of Things [Corero]

General Session
jeudi 8 déc.   01:50 PM à 02:30 PM (40 minutes)
Sabal Palm
Dave Larson, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer (Corero)

The Security Consideration for IOT
This era of the Internet of Things where digitally connected devices are becoming integral to our lives at our homes, offices and even in our cars. The benefit is that this paradigm shift allows consumers and businesses the ability to do things that we've never thought possible. When you begin to consider the tens of millions (or more) of "things" that allow us to maintain this interconnected network, you get a sense as to how vast the issue of securing the Internet of Things really is. What we don't hear about as often is how these vulnerable devices are the next frontier for cyber attackers. The average user of connected devices, whether deployed in your smart home, smart appliances, smart car or smart office, does not typically pay close attention to software updates or critical patching schedules or, as a matter-of-fact quite understand how these devices are connected or sharing data. How the human component contributes to an overall lack of security of the IoT is often underestimated. IoT devices are plug-and-play and the average user is incapable or uninterested in security and may never apply an upgrade or security patch to the device. So if an IoT device ships with an exploitable vulnerability, it will likely remain vulnerable throughout its lifecycle. The bad guys know this and gain access to these devices in droves using them for malicious intent.
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer


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