Transformation: Managing the Evolution to Virtual Networks [InfoVista]

General Session
jeudi 8 déc.   11:30 AM à 12:10 PM (40 minutes)
Sabal Palm
Cyril Doussau, Senior Director, Service Assurance Products and Markets (InfoVista)

Succeding Your Transition to NFV based Services
With NFV and SDN well on the way to being part of a communications service provider’s service offers, many are realizing that the leap from lab to production has some major implications beyond just an increase in scale… the OSS turns out to be a keystone in the foundation of these future NFV and/or SDN-based service offers. In particular, service assurance and performance quickly become the difference between market acceptance and market failure. In this presentation you’ll have the chance to explore the service assurance maturity model and the necessary steps to successfully transition to NFV and SDN.

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