Risk Mitigation: Advanced Security Planning [One Identity]

General Session
jeudi 8 déc.   02:30 PM à 03:10 PM (40 minutes)
Sabal Palm
Todd Peterson, Senior Product Marketing Manager (One Identity, formerly Dell)

Rethink your approach to security: How to become the Department of Yes
Businesses are ramping technology investments, new applications and data sources, expanding access types, and innovation faster than you can even keep pace. These investments can drive enormous value to the business, but can also increase IT complexity and add new security vulnerabilities. Today’s transformation age means that digital usages inherently enable new types of innovation and creativity in a particular domain, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods. Yet what comes with this appeal are very real security requirements. What’s your approach to securing these digital transformations and how can you help your security teams transform to keep up with the digital wave? If it’s an undisciplined and piecemeal approach of “address issues as they come up”, it will not only counteract the benefits of your organizations’ digital transformation, but introduce extensive risk to your business. Your business can’t afford to fall behind and become an inhibitor to the very business-enabling benefits the new technologies you’ve invested in are meant to deliver. Security is a many-facetted discipline with lots of opportunity to say “no” while the business continues to ramp up technology investments and capabilities to foster business growth and employee productivity. One of the most critical aspects is the controlling, auditing, and tracking of administrator access and privileged accounts. With the right approach to privileged account management, organizations can transform security away from denial and restriction to the practice of connecting, permitting, uniting and enabling. This session will:
  • Offer tips that help security teams adopt a mindset of enablement vs. roadblock
  • Discuss security strategies that enable the business to advance in its digital maturity
  • Discuss the role privileged account management plays in securing digital technologies
  • Discuss the challenges and offer actionable advice on the right way to enable privileged access security, including service accounts, without obstructing the business
  • Explain the full range of practices and technologies available to help and the pros and cons of each
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