Delivering Carrier Class WiFi [Charter & NETSCOUT]

Innovation Session
jeudi 8 déc.   10:50 AM à 11:30 AM (40 minutes)
Sabal Palm
Jonathan Redden, Director of Backbone Operations (Charter Communications) and
John English, Senior Marketing Manager (NETSCOUT)

Your Carrier WiFi experience is a key to your brand and your reputation and is a first step in the MSO mobile strategy. Having a Wifi network that is difficult to attach to, under delivers bandwidth, or offers mercurial service will annoy and irate users; it impacts churn, net promoter scores, and general market perception. There will always be the free or cheap, "best effort" Wifi services but as more business traffic and any premium offerings riding on the Wifi access subscribers will be less tolerant of a poor user experience. Delivering Carrier Class Wifi calls for a rigorous and holistic service delivery approach that involves pro-active early warning as well as troubleshooting, testing, and better upfront design. Wifi performance monitoring priorities that provide a comprehensive service assurance approach will be presented along with carrier use cases.
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