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York | Artificial Nature | Graham Wakefield | DROP-IN SESSION

YorkNo Registration RequiredImmersive Experience
Immersive Experience
9:00 PM, Friday 5 Apr 2019 (2 hours)
York University - Vari Hall - Seminar Room 1018
Step into a virtual garden of the mind. “Artificial Nature” combines art and research in an immersive, interactive installation that puts visitors in an invented ecosystem. We present nature as it could be, drawing on software models rooted in biology and mixing them with immersive virtual and mixed reality technology. The imagined landscape comes alive around us through large-scale displays, stereoscopic rendering, VR and AR, projection mapping and spatialized audio. Interacting with this world makes us members of an ecosystem with its own physics and biology. This experience of a heightened, alternate natural world invites the child-like wonder we have for the complexity, beauty, and sublimity of “real” nature.
York University
Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Interactive Information Visualization, Department of Computational Arts, School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design