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York | Soundpainting: More Than Meets the Ear | Doug Van Nort

YorkRegistration Required
Musical Performance
9:00 PM, Friday 5 Apr 2019 (45 minutes)
York University - Vari Hall - Vari Hall Rotunda
Soundpainting is an elaborate musical language that combines traditional conducting, sign language and movement arts. I will use it to conduct the the Electro-Acoustic Orchestra, a 10-20 member ensemble that mixes York University music students and Toronto-area professionals. Look for performers positioned around the hall taking advantage of the unique acoustics of the space. Machine learning and armband sensors will track and respond to my gestures, allowing me to process the sound output of performers using arm motions while conducting. The result is a new and unique musical organism - a hybrid analog/digital entity to challenge your notions of how we produce and experience music.
York University
Assistant Professor & Canada Research Chair in Digital Performance, Departments of Computational Arts and Music, School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design