OCAD | Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Reversing Our Throwaway Culture | Michele Mastroeni

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7:00 PM, Friday 5 Apr 2019 (45 minutes)
OCAD University - Auditorium
“I need a new cell phone even though my old one still works." In current Western society, vast amounts of goods are disposable or easily displaced by “the next new thing.” Old technologies have value in science fiction: inStar Wars, starships can be decades old and droids centuries old. Currently, we’re seeing a rise in subcultures who appreciate long-lasting goods and people are heading to Repair Cafés in an effort to keep waste to a minimum. What can we learn from them? How can we shift our current consumer culture to a more sustainable one? Please join me for a thought-provoking discussion.
OCAD University
Assistant Professor and Grad Program Director, Strategic Foresight and Innovation, Faculty of Design

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