U of T | Unravelling the History and Mysteries of Our Universe | Cherry Ng

Registration RequiredUniversity of Toronto
8:00 PM, Friday 5 Apr 2019 (45 minutes)

Can you imagine living in a house that’s so big you’ll never see it all? And even stranger - it keeps expanding! That’s the way it is with our home, the Universe. But there’s an enormous new telescope called CHIME that’s been built in western Canada. And its purpose is to trace the 4 billion years of our cosmic past. I’m hoping CHIME will give us insight into the mystery of Dark Energy which is driving the Universe’s expansion. And perhaps it will uncover what’s behind more recent phenomena known as Fast Radio Bursts - massive bursts of energy occurring far beyond the Milky Way.

University of Toronto
Post-Doctoral researcher in Astronomy at the Dunlap Institute