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RPG Games- Savage Rifts, Premade Characters, "Savage Worlds" RPG

7:00 PM, Saturday 15 Feb 2020 (4 hours)
Gold - Dealers 1

TABLE L1 – “M4’s and Dragons – Part 2”

Savage Worlds – 6+ players – pre-gen – GM – Pastor Rod

A group of adventurers is called by the Duke to investigate a bright star that landed in the Murder Hollow Woods to the East. We must not let Kurdok's evil armies get whatever magic it holds! This "part" of the adventure is stand alone and open to anyone.

TABLE L2 – “Across the Bright Face”

Uncharted Worlds – 6 players – pre-gens – GM – Brother Nunzio

Across the Bright Face takes place on the barren airless planet Dinom, where the north pole faces its sun, leaving the northern hemisphere in perpetual daylight ("the bright face"), and the southern hemisphere perpetually dark. The characters have been hired to escort a mine owner to his holdings on Dinom.

TABLE L3 – “Lost Train of the Malaren Islands”

Tales from the Loop – 2-5 payers – pore-made characters – GM – Cayusequin

It’s been over seventy years since any train rumbled across the Malaren islands. However, over the decades there have been occasional reports of people claiming to have seen a train. The eccentric millionaire who built the railroad disappeared back in 1911, leaving behind a puzzle and the promise of wealth.

TABLE R1 – “OPERATION: Weapons Recovery”

GURPS 4th ed. – 13 players – pre-gens – GM – Con Goer With No Name”

Stormtroopers are assigned to recover weapons lost when rebels shot down an Imperial freighter. Intelligence agents located the weapons, but the area appears abandoned. This should be an easy run. What could go wrong?

TABLE R3 – “Rick & Morty vs. D&D”

D&D 5th ed. – 6 players – pre-gens – GM – Forward

You won’t believe how much fun this is going to be. Trust me. Sign up and play.

TABLE R4 – “Fulda Gap USSR”

WW II tank miniatures battle rules – Undetermined players – GM – Chuck Harnack

This is a miniatures war game.

TABLE R5 – “Kaboom!”

Kaboom! rules – 8 players – GM – Doug Nolan

This is a miniatures war game.

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