06: Career. Olivia Lanchester - Is That Your Best Offer? Maximising and Protecting your Intellectual Property

10:45 AM, Saturday 10 Aug 2019 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Lunch   12:15 PM to 01:00 PM (45 minutes)
Grand Ballroom 4
As any romance writer knows, proposals must be treated with utmost discernment. Never more so than when they’re from a publisher. Understanding copyright is crucial in negotiating any publishing contract. Olivia Lanchester will talk through the basics of copyright: what it protects, how long it lasts and how to optimise revenue streams. Exactly what rights should you grant to publishers? What's a good offer and what should be disposed of as quickly as a bad boyfriend? If you're self-publishing, what are the contractual red flags? And is your intellectual property actually ... property? Can you, and should you, draft it into your will? Join Olivia for a decidedly unromantic but hopefully enlightening stroll through copyright, contracts and maximising your IP.
Australian Society of Authors
Legal Services Manager

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