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10: Life. Jane Muirhead - The Mindful Author

1:00 PM, Saturday 10 Aug 2019 (45 minutes)
Grand Ballroom 2

Being a writer requires us to be deeply emotionally engaged in our craft. It can also be a lonely business and at times the highs (of our creative ideas, that can carry us away for hours sometimes to the detriment of other life roles) and lows (often of rejections slips, and self-denigration), can be difficult to handle. Mindfulness (the ability to be non-judgementally present in the here and now with our experiences) can help us to work with this emotional roller-coaster and remain balanced, clear and focussed in our writing and the broader context of our life.

This workshop will explain mindfulness meditation and teach several short, powerful and easy to adopt mindfulness exercises that can aid in our journey as writers and in our overall health and wellbeing. An absolute win-win!