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01: Pitch (Im)Perfect: A New Take on How To Do It with Ross Grayson Bell

Breakout session
10:45 AM, Saturday 18 Aug 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Lunch   12:15 PM to 01:00 PM (45 minutes)
Melbourne Room (main conference floor)

Most writers HATE pitching and find it a daunting experience. They see it as a highly pressurised, ‘make-or-break’ proposition, something that has to be absolutely perfect to succeed. 

What if pitching, however, was about something more than just selling your idea? What if pitching was about enrolling another person in your vision, about being imperfectly yourself when you are in the room? Would that free you up to have a more authentic and even enjoyable experience presenting your ideas? 

In this interactive workshop we will explore a whole new way of pitching by working through the four stages of the process of enrolment. We will look at creating a framework for how best to prepare for your pitch, including devising and honing loglines, and how to leave the room with a commitment for action from both you and the other party. 

While we often hear ‘no' more often than ‘yes', we will conclude the session by investigating how ’no' can be a huge opening rather than a door closing shut.

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