Call for submissions

Call for Submissions: DIY Musician Conference 2019

Open Until 31 May 23:55

Session Topics Wanted

Note than we want mostly seminar or workshop style presentations. We are less interested in panels. We want instructors more than presenters. We want hands-on activities and specific examples in your slides more than lectures. While we will use keynotes for inspiration, we want the rest of the sessions to be tactical. Below are preferred session topics, but you may propose your own session title befitting your presentation.  

Make Session Track

  • Songcraft
  • Studio Basics
  • Building a Home Studio
  • Arranging for a Band
  • Graphics and Your Recordings
  • Aligning Your Sound and Identity
  • Stagecraft
  • Beat Making
  • Studio Tour
  • Write a Song Today
  • Band Arrangement for Songwriters
  • Stage Performance for Soloists
  • Building a Songwriter Career
  • Collaborating With Other Artists
  • Writing for TV & Film
  • Live Band Makeover

Market Session Track

  • Email Marketing
  • Website Makeover
  • Promotion in a Streaming World (, linkfire, community building)
  • Spotify Playlists
  • Building Audiences Online
  • Know Thy Fans: Getting the Information You Need to Find Them and Engage (data analytics for beginners)
  • My Recording is Done, Now What? / Plan Your Release
  • Creating Your First Music Video 
  • YouTube Cadence
  • Building a Team: From Your First Intern to Getting a Manager
  • All the Social Media: What Actually Works
  • Industry Networking: The Best Conferences and Member Organizations and How To Use Them
  • Tell Your Story (how your life, lyrics, and music unite and become your brand)
  • "What I Tried" artist success stories
  • Facebook Ads
  • Building an Audience on Instagram
  • Song Pitching Session

Money Session Track

  • How Does Streaming Pay?
  • Optimizing Your YouTube Channel
  • Understanding Publishing
  • Calls to Action: Where to Use Them and How to Make Them Work
  • The Monetization Checklist
  • Legal Basics for Every Musician (Copyright, Contract, Splits, Oh My!)
  • Creating Passive Income for Musicians
  • Crowdfunding
  • How to Get Paid for Your Music in TV and Film
  • Playing Live for Money: How to Get Started
  • Going on Tour: Self Booking
  • Going on Tour: Showcasing and Getting an Agent
  • How to Make Money on Stage: Gathering Fans, Selling Records and Merch

CD Baby Breakout Sessions

Open Until 31 Jul 10:57
This form is to collect information on sessions hosted or led by CD Baby staff or it's affiiliates.