Same Sky Studio Tour

Program Track: Make
Breakout Session
3:00 PM, Saturday 17 Aug 2019 (2 hours)
Same Sky Productions - Same Sky Productions

Want to sit in on a live recording session at a prestigious Austin studio?

Observe the process as producer David Messier works with a band (chosen from DIY Musician Conference attendees) to create a professional track at Same Sky Productions, an Austin-based studio that provides premium production services for both local and national artists, bands, and singer-songwriters in all genres.

You won’t be just a fly-on-the-wall. You’ll have the chance to interact close up and ask questions about the various techniques, creative decisions, personnel, and gear involved in the making a successful recording.

Separate tickets are required for this special offering - multiple session times are available for registration here:

Same Sky Productions
Owner and Record Producer
Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist
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