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Amy Holman Edelman

Founder, President

Amy Holman Edelman spent the first part of her professional life as a publicist for consumer products including M&M’s, Dunkin Donuts and Hanes.  She wrote in her free time, including one indie title (later sold to a traditional publisher) and books subsequently published by Simon & Schuster (The Little Black Dress) and Crown (Manless in Montclair).

Having experienced both sides of the publishing industry, Edelman launched IndieReader on a lark in 2009. Initially conceived as a blog for indie book-loving consumers, IR has grown into a one-stop shop for discriminating indie authors.

IR’s products and services can get author’s books reviewed and in front of discerning readers, bookstore buyers (nationally!) and, via the IR Discovery Awards, in front of agents at a  prestigious New York Literary agency.

Book discoverability has never been easier.

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