How Do You Measure Success?

Saturday Nov 03   04:00 PM to 04:45 PM (45 minutes)
Society Hill Ballroom
PlenaryAuthor's Life
Every publisher and author, big and small, wants to hit the best-seller lists and win the major awards. It can also be exciting to consider additional definitions of success. How about reaching readers? Inspiring social change? Building the author's professional standing? Sending the book's creators on a book tour? Growing a tribe? Shining a light on a subject you're passionate about? And so many more...

Join your fellow publishers and authors in this fast-paced meet-and-greet networking event. We'll challenge and expand our mental models about why we publish our list of books - and even why we published a specific title. We'll find common ground and explore new territory in small groups that will keep shuffling - all in a game format that comes with bragging rights and new connections! Bring your business cards and a sense of adventure... 


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Independent Book Publishers Association
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