Matthew Adell
CEO and Co-founder, OnNow.TV
Kristen Agee
Founder/CEO, 411 Music Group
Jacquelle Amankonah Horton
Founder & CEO, Fave
Andrea Arcari
Chief Business Development, Linkfire


Darryl Ballantyne
CEO & Founder, LyricFind
Amanda Baltazar
Director, Operations, AdRev.net
Perry Bashkoff
Director, Music Partnerships, Instagram
Michael Bassal
Business Development Manager - Music, Tradable Bits
Jaroslav Beck
Co-founder / Head of Music, Beat Games
Noah Becker
CEO, AdRev
Carlo Biagioni
Head of Sales & Channel Partnerships, Linkfire
Matthew Boerum
CEO & Founder, Audible Reality
Dae Bogan
Head of Third-Party Partnerships, The MLC
John Bolton
Chief Business Officer, Super Hi-Fi
Anna Bond
Senior Director of Global Business Development, Songtrust
Vadim Brenner
Senior Executive, Stageit
Michelle Bresaw
Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, Activision
Hamilton Byrd
Promoter, Blue Pig Presents


Bryan Calhoun
Digital Strategy and Business Development, The Blueprint Group/Maverick
Brendon Cassidy
CTO and Chief Scientist, Super Hi-Fi
Marie Clausen
Head of N.A. & Global Streaming, Ninja Tune
Allison Clift-Jennings
CTO, Tonic Audio Labs
Scott Cohen
Chief Innovative Officer, Warner Music Group


Duránd Davis
CEO, LavLabs
Dani Deahl
Editorial Director, Output Inc.
Kirt Debique
CEO & CTO, SynchFloor
Mat Devine
Head of Music Partnerships, Cameo
Grant Dexter
CEO/co-founder, Fanaply
Antonio Di Puorto
Co-Founder, Genesis
Event manager, rock paper scissors inc.
David Dufresne
Advisor and Investor


Dayna Frank
CEO, 1st Avenue Presents
Marlon Fuentes
World Music Manager, The Recording Academy


David Gabeau
Analyst, Union Square Ventures
Madame Gandhi
Madame Gandhi
Justin Gray
Chairman/CCO, MDIIO
Emma Griffiths


KK Hart
President & CEO, Follow your HART LLC. & HART Marketing & Communications INC.
Brett Heatley
VP System Development, AdRev
Einar Helde
Co-founder and Head of business development at AIMS API, AIMS API
Sujan Hong
Head of US Music Content, Qobuz USA
Cherie Hu
Journalist and Researcher, Water & Music


Tom Impallomeni
Co-founder & CEO, Tribe XR


Cindy James
Head of Commercial Marketing, Caroline
Chaz Jenkins
Chief Commerical Officer, Chartmetric


Dhruva Kashyap
Founder and CEO, Naada
Zach Katz
CEO, Raised in Space Enterprises
Ben Kihnel
Taylor Kirch
Sr. Product Manager, SiriusXM + Pandora
Denisha Kuhlor
Vice President, Silicon Valley Bank


Ric Leichtung
Events Director, AdHoc
Mike Lu
CEO, Triller


Dan Mackta
Managing Director, Qobuz USA
Tracy Maddux
CEO, CD Baby/AVL Digital Group
David Mandelbrot
CEO, Reverb USA
Alex Manigault
Account Manager, Art+Logic
Adam McHeffey
Director of Marketing, Artiphon
Ellie McNeil
Tom McNeill
Creator Partnerships Manager, Patreon
Lorenc Miri
Co-founder, Brots
Tarik Moody
Digital Director & Music Host, Rhythm Labs
Mark Mulligan
Managing Director and Analyst, MIDiA Research


Vickie Nauman
Founder and CEO, CrossBorderWorks


Jessi Olsen
Director of Growth, Big Room
Christine Osazuwa
Director of Data & Insights | Global Marketing, Warner Music Group


Xavier Peters
Investment Manager, LeanSquare
Brett Porter
Lead Engineer, Audio+Music, Art+Logic
Louis Pratt
Manager, Social Media & Digital, BMG
Jade Prieboy
New Business Manager, rock paper scissors inc.
Arabian Prince
CEO (NWA founding member), inov8next
Lauren Pufpaf
Co-founder, COO, Feed.fm


Chloe Raynes
Director of Music, p.volve
Kelli Richards
President, The All Access Group LLC


Seth Schachner
CEO, Strat Americas
Corey Sheridan
Head of Music Content Operations, Tik Tok
Rachel Silton
Acquisition & Marketing Manager, Qobuz USA
Robert Singerman
SVP, International Publishing, LyricFind
Sy Smith
Recording Artist/Performer, Psyko Records
Mary Spio
Tommy Stalknecht
Founder & CEO, Single Music


Ryan Taylor
GM, Sonos
Juan Torres
VP of Business Operations, Prism.fm
Rasty Turek
Founder, Pex


Ryan Vance
Chief Content Officer, Tonal
Jeremy Vaughn
Founder + CEO, Rimark
Jon Vlassopulos
VP, Global Head of Music, Roblox


Amy Wang
Business of Music Editor, Rolling Stone
Andy Weissman
Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures
Stephen White
CEO, Stageit
Kendall Wyman
Account Manager, Art+Logic


Zack Zalon
CEO, Super Hi-Fi