Music in a Borderless World: The Democratization Effect of Social Video

10:00 AM, Tuesday 27 Oct 2020 PDT (45 minutes)
A social video app, a label, and a couple data analytics geeks walk into a bar... Thanks to globalized social media, social video, and other UGC platforms, music is hopping over national borders faster than ever. The gates are down and as everyone becomes a creator, we are now in an era of the democratization of music discovery. How does this movement on social video drive trends off platform? What can artists and labels do to drive use of their music in social video? This panel explores the complexity of organic UGC, how to harness insights for marketing and A&R across global borders, and opportunities that have emerged for artists in the TikTok era.
Head of Commercial Marketing
Warner Music Group
Director of Data & Insights | Global Marketing
Tik Tok
Head of Music Content Operations
Chief Commerical Officer

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