Building a Global Fan Network

3:00 PM, Tuesday 27 Oct 2020 PDT (45 minutes)
The walls are down and fans worldwide are ready to listen. How do you build a digital footprint when you're not physically present? What are the most exciting markets you can reach now better than ever? As labels and managers now have to tackle an entire planet, strategies and KPIs differ from region to region. One market might call for a single every month and another might call for full-length albums. Whether you work with U.S-based or international artists marketing to the world, join this panel of those in the digital trenches to explore how the global market calls for agility and speed. Get the lay of the land for what it means to start fresh in each new market and how you can pull it all together for a global strategy.
Manager, Social Media & Digital
The Blueprint Group/Maverick
Digital Strategy and Business Development
Tradable Bits
Business Development Manager - Music
Ninja Tune
Head of N.A. & Global Streaming

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