Keynote: New Growth Drivers for the Music Business

11:00 AM, Tuesday 20 Oct 2020 PDT (45 minutes)
Fresh from three months of research, Mark Mulligan debuts his latest big idea in music: creator tools are the next major growth driver of the music business. Find out why this shift is pushing companies to create relationships with artists when they make music, not when they distribute it. Why are most record labels missing this and how will it change the very nature of record labels? What about the companies who are already creating marketplaces and tools for artists long before a label or distributor has even heard the artist's name? This is the new top of funnel and it will change A&R forever more. As usual with Mulligan, prepare to have your world turned upside down as he brings back music industry knowledge from the future.
Keynote speaker
MIDiA Research
Managing Director and Analyst
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