Here are the steps to register.


1. Go to the registration page of the site  and purchased a registered ticket.

Once you register if you have haven't done so already, you will need to create an account using the create an account link in the registration confirmation email. Once you have set up an account, you will have access to your profile, MY SCHEDULE. 

2. After clicking on the Create an Account link in this email, you will be presented with a box which asks for your email address used to register.  

3. Once you have entered your email address used to register there is a check box, asking if you are a new user or existing user.

Check New User, click SIGN UP.

4. Once you have clicked SIGN UP, you will be taken to a screen to create a password (require 8 characters).

5. You will receive a confirmation email, check your email.

6. When you receive the email, you will be required to confirm your account.

This is what it will look like....

Welcome to the conference,

Click on the link below to confirm that you own this email address:

Confirm my account

If the link is not clickable in your email client, you can copy the following URL and paste it in your browser:


Once you create an account, you can then add more sessions, and remove sessions.