Supporting Abused Seniors with a ‘Group Work’ Approach

Breakout Session
Tuesday May 01   10:40 AM to 11:50 AM (1 hour 10 minutes)
Enoch C/D
The City of Edmonton offers a group called "Relationships With Your Adult Children ......Time to Make Changes" since 1994.

We recognized that there was no support services being offered to older families specifically to seniors of adult children who were still having relationships issues with their adult children 

Issues identified by participants:
Adult children continuing to be dependent on them; adult children having mental health and addiction issues; and finally abuse being used towards them.  

Overall our goal is  to develop a facilitated peer support group that helps seniors cope better and find hope in their lives. 

Our presentation will cover group purpose, objectives; structure and process. We identify challenges and successes. We will provide some real case scenarios. This is a viable intervention approach that can be used in big centres and we would suggest (although still to be tested) small communities.

Catholic Social Services
City of Edmonton

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