Immigrant Seniors Project

Breakout Session
Wednesday May 02   10:15 AM to 11:25 AM (1 hour 10 minutes)
Enoch E/F
Come learn how we are using Collective Impact to impact a complex issue with one of Edmonton’s diverse and marginalized populations.

Identifying elder abuse prevention and intervention with ethno cultural communities as a gap in services, the Seniors Protection Partnership (SPP) joined together with 3 partnering organizations to initiate the Immigrant Seniors Project.  

The project is a community engagement and community development project being conducted in 3 phases. The first phase is an Environmental Scan that examines the existing situation of elder abuse to better understand: the nature of the immigrant community needs; its strengths and challenges; the barriers faced when accessing formal services; the gaps in available services; and both formal and informal resources. The second phase brings together a cross-sector Working Team and uses community engagement and development to integrate the information from the Environmental Scan to formulate improvements to the SPP’s existing response. Finally, the third phase aims at formalizing an Implementation Plan. This pilot project aims to work out enhancements to SPP’s response with Edmonton’s Chinese and South Asian communities, with the intention to engage with the other immigrant communities in the future.  

At the end of the session, participants will leave with information about:

-the further layers of complexity of elder abuse in immigrant communities
-the gaps and barriers experienced by service users and service providers  
-the emergence of elder abuse in Alberta, overlaid by immigration trends in the same time period  
-insights into practical tools that can be developed to enhance elder abuse prevention and intervention services with ethno cultural communities  
-community engagement and community development processes being utilized in the project 

Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
PhD Candidate
Responding To Family Violence in the Chinese Community Program
Team Lead
Today Family Violence Help Centre
Team Lead
City of Edmonton
Project Coordinator
Sage Edmonton
Safe House Manager

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