The British Columbia Association of Community Response Networks: Empowering Communities to Address Elder Abuse and Neglect

1 Hour Session
Tuesday May 01   02:55 PM to 04:10 PM (1 hour 15 minutes)
Enoch Ballroom
“The British Columbia Association of Community Response Networks is a provincial organization whose mandate is to facilitate the awareness and prevention of adult abuse, neglect and self neglect in the province by forming local communities response networks. The BC CRN acts on a grassroots level as a backbone organization that supports networks through ideas, small grants and mentorship resources within the 15 regions of BC. The association has no front line workers, but helps bring together agencies and service providers to work up a coordinated, collaborative local response to elder abuse, neglect and self-neglect.

The BC Association of CRNs was originally developed 25 years ago on the heels of the Adult Guardianship Act, and operates on the principles of non-intrusive support and trust building. It encourages the self-determination and meaningful participation of a variety of communities in order for these communities to develop their capacity on their own terms. The networks’ work is to listen to people’s needs and help them achieve their goals by putting them in touch with the right resources. First and foremost, the communities define what they need and not the other way around.”

BC Association of Community Response Networks
Executive Director

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