Domestic Violence/Homicide With Older Canadians: Lessons Learned From Past Tragedies

Tuesday May 01   09:00 AM to 10:15 AM (1 hour 15 minutes)
Enoch Ballroom
Domestic violence and homicides happen across all age groups but are most often overlooked with older Canadians. Recent advances in domestic homicide research and

the work of death review committees suggests that these homicides represent a very heterogeneous problem with unique risk factors across diverse vulnerable groups. Older women represent one of these group who may not be considered at risk because of their age and often a lack of obvious risk factors such as a history of domestic violence and a recent separation. Older women may be most at risk when either they and/or their partners are facing significant mental health and health challenges as well as increasing social isolation. Lessons learned from domestic violence death review committees suggest a need for greater public awareness and professional training in regards to these warning signs. Beyond risk assessment, better safety planning and risk management strategies are required across the health, social service and justice sectors as well as enhanced coordinated services that share information in a timely basis. 

Faculty of Education at Western University
Psychologist and Professor

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