Coordinated Community Response Models: Community Development Projects to Effectively Address Elder Abuse

Breakout Session
Tuesday May 01   10:40 AM to 11:50 AM (1 hour 10 minutes)
Enoch E/F
The United Nations defines community development as "a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems." Elder Abuse is a complex societal issue; it is common around the world, and our Province is no exception. Coordinated Community Response models are examples of how community development projects can start the process of addressing the very real issue of abuse against older adults in our communities.

Coordinators in our Province have been working to develop CCRs in 31 communities and regions of the province. They have experienced many of the same challenges and successes throughout their process of community engagement, but have also recognized that diversity in the province will determine what each response model will look like.

This presentation will show the importance of mobilizing communities to prevent elder abuse by engaging all levels of community in discussion, education, and development of programs to strengthen support networks for vulnerable older adults. The development of grassroots community leadership can add to the long-term success of Coordinated Community Response models, but there must be “buy-in” from the organization and government levels in order to guarantee sustainability of CCRs. 

CCR Network
Elder Abuse Project Coordinator
Regional Elder Abuse Prevention Coordinator
City of Edmonton
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