The Elder Abuse Response Team: A Collaborative Approach to Awareness, Prevention and Intervention of Elder Abuse

Breakout Session
Wednesday May 02   12:30 PM to 01:40 PM (1 hour 10 minutes)
Enoch C/D
The Elder Abuse Response Team is a collaborative partnership in the city of Calgary between Kerby Centre, CARYA and the Calgary Police Service. This partnership model allows for services to be provided to seniors and professionals in the areas of educational presentations, prevention services that include: direct client work with older adults facing low to medium risk cases of non-criminal forms of elder abuse, a consultation line that aims to build the capacity and support the needs of service providers in the community, and enforcement and protection of criminal elder abuse cases. All three components of this program work together to support the connections of seniors to specialized resources. There is a 24 hour phone line – the Elder Abuse Resource Line, shelter options for senior victims and criminal investigations of elder abuse. This team has specialized knowledge and experience in the areas of elder abuse such as mental and cognitive health/capacity, POA/PD, working with the OPGT, PPIC and other agencies, the vulnerabilities of adults being cared for by family or in care and complex criminal investigations involving older adults. This presentation will use case studies to demonstrate the multifaceted approach used by EART in protecting and advocating for seniors and their rights/needs.
Team Lead Elder Abuse Response Team
Kerby Centre
Chief Executive Officer
Calgary Police Service Elder Abuse Response Team

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