Promoting Safety in Older Adults: Supporting Those Using Abusive Behaviour

Breakout Session
Tuesday May 01   01:15 PM to 02:25 PM (1 hour 10 minutes)
Enoch E/F
The session “Promoting Safety in Older Adults: Supporting those using abusive behaviour” aims to explore the concept of preventing and addressing elder abuse through engaging those labelled as “offenders”. To prevent and address elder abuse, community stakeholders recognize the need to focus on the older adults, as well as, the offenders. The “Coordinated Community Response to Elder Abuse” Action Team in Calgary conducted a literature and program review to investigate how to provide greater support for elder abuse offenders. Several recommendations for new research and evidence-based practice guidelines were identified. By sharing these recommendations with professionals, we hope to illustrate the need for growth in our approaches to elder abuse intervention with offenders, as well as effect change in the way we support our clients. Through the inclusion of programs and approaches that are inclusive to those who use abusive behaviour, we promote safety in the lives of older adults and encourage impactful change - for both the older adults, and those in their lives.
City of Calgary
Coordinator, Age Friendly Calgary
Elder Abuse Prevention Social Worker

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