Fannish Inquisition/Question Time: SMOFCon Bids, Seated Worldcon and NASFiC, Worldcon Bids.

8:30 PM, Saturday 7 Dec 2019 (2 hours 30 minutes)
Enchantment Ballroom

Main session of the Fannish Inquisition/Question Time, where various seated conventions and bids face the questions of the members of SMOFCon 37.

This session is for all of the SMOFCon Bids, the selection of the 2020 SMOFCon, the Seated 2020 NASFiC, Worldcon and 2021 Worldcon, and Bids for future Worldcons.

This item will recorded on video for future upload to YouTube and/or other platforms. While the video will be trained on the panelists, audio will cover everyone. By attending this panel you agree to consent to having your voice and possibly your likeness included in this video.

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