Crowd Planning, Line Management, and Related Issues (the space-time continuum....)

Saturday Dec 07   01:30 PM to 02:25 PM (55 minutes)
Fiesta I-II Streaming Room
While this hasn't been a problem for many of the literary cons in the US, the last two European Worldcons have had issues with needing to manage both overall attendance and flow of members into and out of regular programming rooms.What are some of the techniques for managing the size of a convention, or at least being aware of when plans will be needed to manage the crowds? And, once the membership reaches that critical size where the number of people wanting to attend programming items is going to regularly exceed the capacity of the rooms, what are the techniques for handling this situation without derailing programming or causing other issues with the smooth running of the convention? Can we rethink sign-ups for small events (like kaffeelatches) that might further complicate the situation? How can space and program planning ameliorate these problems? What might Members' (or other) Services have to do pre- or at-con to deal with these issues?

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