Honoring the Past / Respecting the Present?

Saturday Dec 07   01:30 PM to 02:25 PM (55 minutes)
Fiesta III-IV
Sometimes Fannish Traditions collide with aspects of modern reality and in recent fannish history, there are a number of different examples. What is considered due diligence in researching your location and its amenities? Is it possible to honor and discuss the past history of a place and incorporate the people affected by that in the current time if that history has racial considerations?

We are also having needed discourse in our community about the names of award. Traditional terms like "Fannish Inquisition" have come under scrutiny recently as people become more aware of how this can affect people. Why is this an important matter and what are the connotations with regards to conscious or unconscious messaging being sent by what we call things and name them for? How can you honor the past while not being offensive or tone deaf to the present?

How do we balance our desire to honor tradition with our desires to deal with these issues of modern life -- whether they are ones of sensitivity, or marketing and survival in an increasingly diverse marketplace? Are these actually part of the same issue, or very different issues?
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