Modifications and Adaptations for Students with Unique Abilities: Using Genetics by Making Your Own Dragon

Grades 6-8
1:15 PM, Friday 8 Feb 2019 (1 hour 30 minutes)
In today’s classroom, teachers are teaching students with unique needs.  These unique students may include students on the autistic spectrum, learning disabilities, and attention needs.  Expand on your teaching toolbox with various techniques.  Session will review various adaptations/modifications for the different categories of students, whether they are regular or special needs students or just that “different kiddo”.  Using Genetic activities including genetic comparisons, DNA modelling, or fashioning your own dragon and using Punnett squares.  The culminating lesson for the participants will be drawing out their own DNA and wearing it as a necklace.  These tools will help you in so many ways.
Paradise ValleyUSD
STEM Specialist
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Informal Science Educator

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